Welcome to Alex’s Life!

On here I will post my artwork, graphic designs, photography, blogs about my life, and more! I created this blog to well, blog about my life. I wanted more than that though, so later on, I added different sections to post my artwork and photos I take.


        Well, my name is Alex, and you probably read that above somewhere. I love to write, do photography, draw, and do graphic design. I am also getting into soccer and some sports. My favorite colors are red, white, black, gray, and plants! I love greenery, and that goes for plants. I love having plants in my room, fake of course. I can’t take care of real ones… But, I love having greenery and seeing it. I also like wildlife, that goes for squirrels and stuff!

        Make sure to check back daily for any recent changes or blogs I made on the site! Changes and blogs happen all the time so make sure to stay updated!

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